Reason To Choose Java For Web Development

Reason To Choose Java For Web Development

Java originally introduced by Sun Microsystem and later acquired by Oracle in 2010 is one of the most famous programming language which is being used in many of the enterprise software , mobile applications , web scripts gaming and more . Java is so popular that most of the banking and financial applications are also running their whole networks on Java . Amazon , Google and Facebook is also making use of Java for web development .

Hence from the above facts it is clear that you can easily use Java for web development because of its extraordinary feature . Some of the benefits of using java for web application development is listed below . Let’s go through it :

1. Java Is Platform Dependent 

This is probably one of the best reason to choose Java . Java enables developers to write code once which can be used anywhere later on , which saves and efforts of the developer and make it profitable for them and thereby it can also be used in multi-application easily . As far as from the business point of view , if business is opting for Java they need not to change hardware and operating system again and again as they are actually using Java .

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2. Java Is Highly Secure

The reason why developer opt of Java web application development is they find is highly secure . Java framework contains security features which includes access control , advance authentication and more which is proven highly useful for web development . Developers also make use of API for enabling secure login , digital signatures , creating custom policy for security and more .

3. Java Has Rich Sets Of API

Most of the java web development company prefer to use Java because of its offering to rick sets of API’s . Java provides API’s for XML parsing , Database connection and almost everything you may not even think about .

4. Java Contain Tools To Make Development More Effective 

Java platforms offers excellent developers tools and IDE which are available in the market at no extra cost . Netbeans and Eclipse are two most famous IDE which aids developing Java Application . And the list continues which offer programming and testing in Java Applications .

5. Java Supports Multi Threading

Java has capability to handle many request at the time without any hindrance . It also has multi threading capability which helps developer to execute multiple copies of code on a single hardware . The multi thread functionality facilitates user with faster response time , less issues , multiple operations , faster and better performance and so on .

6. Java Is Scalable 

Java facilitates high level of scalability which helps in handling larger and higher data sets .Java can automatically adopt to need to on demand web application and facilitates developer with to scale to next level as per the emerging needs . For instance you want to improve your response time in java web application , then this can be achieved by adding minimal simple codes.

7. Supported By Amazing Community Support 

Strong support is what is needed for any beginner Java developer to start with . Thankful to Java community which has huge number of community members available to interact on many online forums , groups , conferences etc . With the help of these community member beginner , intermediate or even the experts developers can get open help where ever required .


In our article above we have discussed many benefits arising out of using Java as programming language . In case you are also in need of developing Java based web application , you can freely contact the expert java development company . Winklix is leading software development company who can provide you with resources for java development for your next big project .  

How To Convert Leads Into Opportunities With Big Data

How To Convert Leads Into Opportunities With Big Data

If you are curious of knowing how big data can benefit your organisation in driving more number of customer , then fortunately you are at right place .

The technology sector in the world is continuously changing and so in the case with customers . The customer now a days are demanding more personalised experience . With the introduction of internet , smartphones and computers – people today are more informed in this digital age .

It is very easy and convenient to find anything related to services or product online or on social media   because of digitalisation . But at the same time , if you even got a single negative review for your business , it is more than enough to ruin your business and tarnish the whole image of your brand , as it will spread like fire for your brand . A negative image will also make it difficult for business to exist in long term as they will unfortunately get lesser number of customers .

Customer plays an very important role in overnight success of any business organisation . It has always been seen that business which satisfies their customers always stay ahead in the competition .

Big Data For Customers Experience 

Big data is always act as a key to unlock the lock in terms of proving awesome customer experience . Many companies make use of big data analytics to measure the behaviour of customers on the basis of their past , present and future trend , which thereon improves the overall experience .

Companies are making the use of lots of internal as well as external data . But nobody can justify the accuracy of such data . But most of the time it has been seen that business are always low on the matter of absorption of data , as the speed of data accumulated from various sources like social media , web and so on is always on the higher side .

Thanks to big data analytics which provides the deep insight to enhance the overall customer experience life cycle and better understanding of customer choice , profitability and so on.

Big data has a feature embedded in it which enables massive collection of structured and unstructured data by many sources in order to know customers from various prospective . By deeply analysing these insights you will be able to know that customer is “next likely purchase” or “next call for action” which aids field and marketing guy to offer customers accordingly .

A lot of companies are also closing deal with customers by getting full understanding of their customers with insights by hit and trial method . Such companies also make use of latest analytical tools and methods for testing and thereby enhancing the overall customer experience by every angle in the organisation .

Use of big data makes senses for business owner to customised offers that best suits individual customer needs by drafting content that best offers deep insight about customer behaviour , profile and their preferences .

Know More , Sell More

As per the recent discussion above , sales and revenue depends on customer choice which may need series of interactions , cold calling. follow ups from company primary system which includes the team efforts right from sales and support department to social media and others .
Once your sales team use combination of traditional database along with modern approach , they will get better understanding of customer’s intention . But always make a note of it that bringing all together is challenging task .
To overcome with this challenge , the most common way is to integrate  structured and unstructured data in a way that is accessible for analysis using existing data warehouse , by use of famous platform like Hadoop . Hadoop supports storage of massive data  and at the same time also creates data archives which makes both structured and unstructured data more accessible by creating active data archive and makes it more valuable for your company .
In case you are looking for some another bog solution , you can take help of solutions like Oracle Big Data which is powered by Xeon Processor to produce which creates a more deep insight and streamline target on the basis of real insight on interest , activities and behaviour .
Once you are done with insight and data accessibility , you can organise the same on dashboard which will aid in decision making for your business . Oracle offers business Intelligence Analytics  from more than 8o industrial segmentation .
To boost greater adoption of big data , companies are looking for technology based solution to handle the big database in present inside of the application itself .


Everyone is looking for more customer engagement to enhance customer experience . To increase the brand value and customer insights , Oracle facilitates you with various kinds of analytics tools to enable better decision making .
Thus Big Data is edge for your business to succeed . Let Winklix customise solutions for your business .

Ways To Optimise Your SalesForce CRM

Ways To Optimise Your SalesForce CRM

Let’s quickly look at 5 easy ways to optimise your SalesForce CRM

1) SalesForce Integration 

Seamless integration of data into your SalesForce CRM is best way to develop customer trust and at the same time improving employee experience . Making connection of database gives business a one layer extra advantage by leveraging data in new and powerful way . SalesForce API helps integration of SalesForce CRM with other existing application in the marketplace , which aids organisation to organise more consistency and efficiency .

Salesforce offers endless options in respect to Salesforce data integration . As an agency owner if you are looking to connect Salesforce with your existing HR , ERP , Social media or even e-commerce platform it can be done easily . It even facilitates connection of disjointed systems for on premises software like Oracle , Microsoft or SAP .

So it is important to explore diversified options which are already being present in SalesForce CRM . Always prefer to hire a team of Salesforce developers who can optimise your business efficiency to next level and are expertise in their fields  .

2) SalesForce Implementation

Salesforce is a CRM which has endless opportunity . Now it depends on your organisation that what do you want to implement which can be ideal all in one solution for your company . So if you are new to Salesforce CRM and integrating it for the first time , then you must take care of what process will define your business model . Winklix can aid you in implementation of Salesforce as per your custom demands and needs .

Salesforce CRM process contains series of flows such as lead flow , campaign management , customer acquisition planning and so on . At the same time you must take care of data integrity and cross silo consistency . So in order to get the best out of it , it is always preferred to have an implementation partner on board who can help you in implementation as per your approach moulded to your objectives .

3) SalesForce Lightning

In today’s world everyone wants lightning fast solution . And thus to enhance the experience of Salesforce CRM , SalesForce has introduced Salesforce Lightning CRM which is specially designed to maximise sales reps productivity which is duly integrated with analytics and BI ( Business Intelligence ) to drive more sales for your business . Salesforce enables switching between two versions namely Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning .

Salesforce Lightning consist of dashboard with calendar and performance chart so that your sales team can easily get the organised lead data , check calendar and track their performance report at the same time . In addition to it , sales reps also gets new Activity Timeline workspace wherein sales reps  has an option to create tasks , punch call logs , send emails and track their activities all from a single window at one place . So in order to get bet out of it , always consider hiring an experienced Salesforce developers who can build custom components for you so that you can effectively use the same in your marketing strategy through SalesForce Lightning Experience .

4) Salesforce VisualForce 

Salesforce offers application prebuilt in it which helps in improving CRM functionality . Salesforce Visualforce exactly does the same . But visualforce is based on tag based markup language which is very similar to HTML , so if you are not from a technical background then unfortunately you would not be able to customise it . Some of the most popular features offered by Visualforce are custom flow control through template and on the go deployment .

The components of the page can be designed well using Visualforce . The components of the page means dashboard , tabs , menu items and so on . It also consist of styling element which enables designing of richer animated user interface .

So always make sure to hire an salesforce visualforce implementation partner who has in house team of developers who can gives your Salesforce best optimise functionality .

5) SalesForce AppExchange 

AppExchange is business app ecosystem for cloud based business software . A large pool of customised apps are available with mass customer reviews which is suitable for every department and industry . Components such as Lightning data and Bolt solutions can aid developer to help expansion of Salesforce thought AppExchange . It can help your business in getting positive business results which helps in increasing efficiency , fast order placement and cost reduction .
Winklix has a team of developers with over 5+ years of experience who has the ability to take your apps ideas to next level right from design to development . We love to add functionality you need which includes custom calculations , triggering actions , workflows and more .