All You Need To Know About New Google Play Store : Winklix

More than 2 billions mobile devices are used by users all over the world .With such a giant users database , a big big number of android user will be logging into google play store .And such a huge numbers implies app developers and publishers must know each and every minor things about the play store .

Google has recently introduced some changes , and every app developers must be aware about it , which are given below :

The Top Developers Programme Has Been Discontinued

Google has now chosen the apps to be displayed with the editors choice , rather than top developer programme. By this , a top quality app can be selected . The main reason behind it is to focus more on top quality apps and give a change to individual application also .

Android Excellence Collections

Android excellence is great expansion by play store in order to feature the app that has awesome design , and user experience , and at the same time , it must be optimised according to google play policies .Google do their best practises to feature that category of applications .

Google Back With Play Award

Google awards those who are best among the developers. All you need to participate is to make quality apps using new technology and five star ratings.

Introduction Of New Security System By Google Play

Google new security update has spy on each app flooded in the play store .It will scan every app on android device for security . If any suspicious activity has been founded , appropriate actions will be taken against app . The security scan system will be updated with interference of the application , just click the green rotating arrow on right side and tan tana… google play protect will scan the app.

Policy Updates On Google Play Store

Google has updated policies for developers and revised its rating ,install policy and malicious policy .Any developer if founded with doing any manipulation , increasing rating and downloads of application by unfair means , then stringent actions will be taken against them , and may lead to suspension of developers account too .
Google is trying to restrict apps who are trying to steal data, monitor data or any other malicious in general .

Ways To Start With UX Today – Winklix

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You may have heard a lot about blah blah blah… when it comes to user experience in website designing .When you are specially in the filed of website designing company , then if case you are not using modern technology with best practises , you may loose lot of customers who are searching for something unique in their business website .

If you had not made a website which can pleasure user’s , user’s won’t be converted .

Everyone can’t be master in the filed of UX designing process , and that is why we might be here to provide you with some of the expert guidance which we have , even tough we are also not master in UX design .errrrrr , that is the fact !!

1) Separating UI from UX is preferable

Want to impress visitor ? Then awesome design is all you want . The second most viral thing which should be presence in website is content content and content .Content is the thing which other part of the visitor may focus on . But you must work on content simultaneously with the front end layout of website .
Its better to focus on UX design in case you want to achieve mastery in same as UI design requires different approach . However both have to be worked on the go for overall user experience , UI deals with outside body , UX deals with usability and interactivity with your site .

2) Tap into inner  customer service report

Your mind may be constantly itching to know the why approach behind UX design . The simple justification is we need users , as our future business relies on them .The eye catching website will definitely attract more customers for your business . All visitor comes on your site with a clear mission of finding what they are desirous to find , and in case they don’t find it , they will leave the site , thus increasing the bounce rate of your website . A rock awesome design can convenience your visitor to look around your site , and may be converted into customers from visitors .
We should consider  customer goals as first priority , and development and designing on website as second .

3) Always start with strategy

UX should be implemented more with a strategy than a design . In order to create something really cool , you have to act like problem solvers by mind and should prioritise strategy , and make prototype accordingly . Strategy includes searching over the internet , having an eye on competitors site , and last but not the least focusing on creating a brand , rather than just one time strategy .

4) Listening

Listening means hearing of user feedback about the website designing pros and cons which was made by you .You can collect the information by collecting the feedback you receive , by sending the surveys to user .
So this is all we know about the UX design . Hope it might affect your think ability is website designer and developer in Delhi , India

Tips To Reduce Bounce Rate Of The Website

The first question that need to be arises in everyone’s mind is what exactly is bounce rate ?

As per google analytics , percentage of single page visit , when individual visits your site and leave without visiting other pages of your website .

What causes bounce rate ?

The following actions by the visitor can be considered as bounce rate :

1. Typing a new url immediately after visiting your site .

2. Pressing back button or closing tab after visit.

3. Clicking on third party link present on your website .

How to reduce bounce rate ?

– Adjust bounce rate with average time on site :

Its common for various news websites that people comes there for reading flashing news and then leaves , without wasting a minute more on the website .If this is the case , google analytics will show 100 % bounce rate for that particular news website . It will not consider a positive bounce even if user spend around three to four minutes in reading any article over there .

Thus it is advisable to adjust the bounce rate by using following code in your website which can reduce almost half the bounce rate in your site within a week for sure :

setTimeout(“ga(‘send’,’event’,’profitable engagement’,’time on page more than 3 minutes’)”, 18000);

-Providing attractive and amazing content is another option :

Google analytics will let you know the bounce rate of each and every page present on your website , so you can collect the information about which page is generating high bounce rate and which one is not .

You can start with focusing on the content part on the pages and other pages whoes bounce rate are low can also be proven examples of lowering the bounce rate , in case you analyse it properly .

Avoid popups as they are annoying :

Popups can adversely affect brand identity and user experience as according to metrics around 90% of the user finds pop’s as annoying factor on the website , and they usually cross it without even seeing it .

Be TruthFull About Your Brand

Be as truthful and genuine as you can about your brand , as there are numerous of people for failure stories instead of nothing for success stories .On behalf of big brother , make sure to make your customers the hero of the project and success behind your business .

Keywords should be targeted on behalf of utmost traffic

Keywords traffic driven tools as present on google analytics can let you choose which keywords can drive highest traffic and while at the same time lowering the bounce rate .

The keywords that are providing most relevant information to user can be determined by google analytics itself .

Keyword can be sub divided into two categories , namely commercial and informational keywords.

Commercial keywords are used to sell some products or services to clients , while informational keywords are just to create awareness among people.

Create multiple landing pages for high quality keywords

Its preferable to code multiple pages for  keywords for high quality to attract most of the traffic out of it . Which using external links on your website , always make sure to open the external link in new tab of the browser as in case user want to re navigate on your site , they can easily do so with a swipe .

Make sure to make website responsive and speedy

It is a cup of tea question that how fast is your website , as it is the major factor behind your ranking .Make sure your site is compatible with all the browsers  and is also performing well on all the platforms , in well optimised manner .