Common UX Mistake During App Development


Without any doubt it is crystal clear that an attractive app design will always attract user’s . Although mobile app development is complex task . In 2018 , where app stores are flooded with varieties of app , it’s very difficult to come up with unique brand identity which comes with User Experience (UX) design .

Attracting traffic from the search engines will takes years , if promoted continuously , and that is the reason most of the mobile apps does not able to get public attention . For any top mobile app development company the very first aim is to get better outcomes by way of user experience and user interface (UI) . It is seen in most of the cases that if the user does not find app attractive than  they most likely will not return to the app and website , due to pathetic experience .

When we are talking about UX , its much more than just interface and visual design . A good UX designer is known to be one who are innovators , creative and follows of latest trends .

Some of the common UX mistake that user must avoid during mobile app development are listed below :

Considering UX As One Person Responsibility

If you are thinking of giving a role of UX to a single person then you are absolutely wrong . UX is never going to the one person responsibility , rather it is done in team work . Usually defining a common goal and taking the whole team advisory and involvement during all over developmental process will help you to control experience and expertise at their expertise levels to notify all product assessments .

Not Considering UX At Beginning Phase

The ultimate user of the app audience . It is very important to get user feedback , their tongue of taste while designing UX at beginning stage . There are various different models that that needs to be adopted to enhance the chance of app success like MVP , prototype , wireframe and more .

Avoid Complicated Login Pages

You must have seen the apps that contain lengthy and complicated login process , which sometime irritates user which finally leads to deletion of apps . Offering a simple social login or login via email and phone number / else providing them with guest login option is better solution .

Complicated And Messy App

Application should always be neat and clean , should provide navigation guide to user about how they can use the app highlighting important features of app and a clear cut easy to use functioning . The designer should have a clear vision preset in mind that the app is getting developed for personal use and not commercial use . Together with the designer innovativeness , you must also take care of clients demand and choice to get the best output .

Confusion Between UI And UX

UI and UX are two different things , although U is considered as core in mobile app development . It is has not been handled with care , all other depending modules and function will also not be on the track . The technology is continuously changing in dynamically changing environment and the design must adopt the latest technology in order to get best fit output . Use of material design , visual design , graphical design can help app in delivering the best UX .

Don’t Write Complicated Content

Content is the king to success in online environment . It helps in SEO , it helps in engaging user , getting app features on App Store and much more . Avoiding complicated content writing will add value to your app . User finds very difficult to read and understand  complicated content , and hence content should be informative .

Don’t Avoid Feedback

Feedback is always known as a charger for mobile app . Taking feedback as important things and making the changes accordingly will help the team to know the outcome go their hard-work performed . Always asking clients for feedback , rating and comments will add on to your app brand value and help you improve the app according to the needs and choice of the user. Feedback is always for betterment of app , no never ever think of neglecting it .

How Business App Engages Customers And Helps In Branding

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Everyone in the world is rushing towards buying an smartphones these days all over the world , and that is the reason nearly about 2.6 billion people are using smartphones these days . Android and iOS are mostly gaining the large market shared over the world . Due to cheap price of Android smartphones , the number of user in developing countries are rushing towards android smartphones.

Due to high demand of smartphones , business are also focusing on rolling out an mobile app for overall improving their customer engagement and brand value . A good mobile app helps develop a stronger relationship with the customer in long run .

Let’s quickly look at the way business app can helps engaging customer and increasing brand value :

Delivering Awesome Experience To Customer

Enterprise must focus on delivering the app that making difference in the life of the user by offering them easy to use functionality , customer support on one go , FAQ’s and more .
For any app to make difference , it must be capable of identifying the pain points of customer , for instance say why even after high number of downloads of app customer is not getting converted ? Simplicity of the app converts leads into customers and at the same time increases the brand value . Feedbacks and comments of the app must be solved by the enterprises by rolling out the viable update . The best apps are known to be the one which are highly focused on delivering after functionality for the user . For example say a enterprise is offering app that helps you to search for FAQ, do self service , get in touch with customer support on one go and much more .

How Apps Offers Proactive Communication

Apps once downloaded from respective app stores remains in user phone unless uninstalled , which was not the case with website wherein you have to type the URL every time . Some apps also offers an offline access .
One of the greatest features in app is push notification which is proven very effective in user engagement 24×7 . Push notification is facilitates customer’s attention , even if customer is not using the app at that time . The best push notification can be sent to customer for discount and offers together with the notification of the product / services they can recently searched in the app .
Today’s world has changed and customer to . Customer are getting more demandable , they want information within seconds and service in double quick time . Once the customer can be influenced in downloading the app , the brand can boost their information directly to customer phones .

Customisation App Delivery

In order to get your app a success , you have to offer personalised app as required . The world in 2018 has completely changed due to coming of emerging technologies like Blockchain , Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (MI) in order to read user minds and facilitate them accordingly .
Smart marketers are now using app location capabilities , geofencing technologies , time data driven content to offer promotion , loyalty programme and discounts according to the location and time of the user .

Complement Buying From Brick And Mortar Shop

Many of the retailer are now using the marketing strategy of in app customer experiences . The app could , offer the user to download and scan barcode of the product , check stock availability products reviews , description , current offers and more . Some apps are also offering placing the order online via a app , thereby helping user to avoid queuing up or getting the item at the convenience of home .
However the brand cannot afford to engage customer on long go to get their app installed , if they are not providing regular update , content and features within the app . App development agency must also remember that user is doing favour on company by installing the app , so it must not take user private information , or much space on their smartphones . It is the duty of the mobile app development company to provide sound and robust app that offers real value to users .
Winklix is also one of the mobile app development company expertise in improving business for higher productivity and profits .

How To Manage Risk Involved In Software Development In Agile Way

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Each mobile app development dependably includes some kind of circle amid starting developmental stage , and that risk shift based on nature of task .

Lets classifications the real software development risk :

Spending Risk

This is the most well-known kind of risk , wherein there is dependably a dread of undertaking going past the set spending plan in any software development .

This risk can be limited by accurately planning the arrangement with keeping in perspective of the whole extent of work for the venture . In process of item development , you in some cases make just supposition that probably won’t be able to be changed over into reality , therefore amid development process goal and objectives of the mobile app may get move in like manner prompting expanding of spending effectively characterized . You should give a nitty gritty plans to finish app stream at absolute starting point of task that must be recognizes by designers so as to limit risk , lessen wastage of time and assets which may got squander for re-arranging on the off chance that it has not been set before .

While discussing the software development , each software development have distinctive prerequisite of usefulness , so you should have an unmistakable comprehension of the administrations you require to get the best spending expense of the same .

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Staff and Knowledge Risk

This risk will be risk which is engaged with loosing the colleagues of that particular task , prompting wastage of time and emerging of mistake .

The most ideal approach to defeat with this risk is to frame a group of 10-12 man will’s identity dealing with a solitary task ideal from starting till its end . This folklore helps in wiping out this risk to level zero and in the meantime boosting the limit of colleague with open stream of learning to play out the undertaking with no stoppage , regardless of whether somebody is truant or not appeared in the workplace , as all the colleagues know about the code stream and substitution of the designer can begin taking a shot at the same .

Profitability Risk

This risk is generally appear in long haul ventures where objectives are to be proficient on long haul premise , which results in need if instantaneousness which make absence of criticalness of undertaking conclusion .

The most ideal approach to defeat with profitability risk is to set the points of reference for the task with date and time insightful and furnish customers with the week after week refresh on their sends as needs be . This keeps up speed by plunging work into little lumps and oversee risk of undertaking culmination as needs be .

Time Risk

Task delays are so normal in any software development folklore because of appropriate arranging , impromptu courses of events and failure to adjust to changing item condition .

The best strategy to limit this sort of risk is to take after an adaptable process while managing time risk circumstance .

The developmental process is known to be best when venture is getting conveyed on time as per the changing produce needs of the client , and have ability to precisely gauge the measure of time and assets required for the undertaking .

As a full time mobile app development agency , Winklix is center around conveying front line arrangement , with setting extent of work in wireframe ahead of time and along these lines creating items as per the set turning points .