Artificial Intelligence – Benefit For Retailer

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Inspite of the fact that some of the largest advancement is taking place in AI , in all industry across , but retail industry is leading the way . Some of the biggest implementors of AI are Amazon Eco , Google Home , and Apple Siri . Every now an then , we see application coming online using AI, but there is a lot that can impact retail industry .

Snapchat is also using AI in neural networks way . Now let’s move on to how AI help retail store owners ?

Artificial Intelligence technologies are set of big datas , which combining with technology , creates a model that can provide answer like real human . The answer depends on what AI has learned through data set .The more the AI faces customer interaction , the more it will get chance to improve the question and answer ability .

Since AI runs on machine oriented algorithms , it can discover actionable information about business , customer and inventory which are even not known by business owners . It can benefit the retail in numerous of ways .For instance , AI can get to know about the taste and preference of customer together with what they want and what they need .

And AI knows even before you know it . AI produces a great result , it can give multiple benefits to business owner . Secondly , without the help of AI , if customer gets discount coupon , even before going to shops of business owners , both customer and owner will be benefited .Another benefit we can say is , if AI gets to know what is the exact need of the customer , and can offer them at best prices , you can start building personal selling relationship with your customer .

Let’s take another example of product images , the biggest problem faced by online retailers and marketplace where large number of catalogs are to be dealt in . It is a time consuming job of tagging each product one by one , and high chances of getting wrong tagging . Product tagging and thereafter searching for the right product is one of the crucial task that can seriously impact search result and sales . Currently manual process of tagging online retailer is time consuming and error prone job .Inaccurate tagging can frustrate the customer and result in loss of revenues .

This problem can be solved by AI . Instead of manual tagging , retailer can upload all the images to AI engine , and can tag them by colour , pattern , style , and other parameters all at once .

AI are also used by business owners to transform the way customers are looking for the product . Image searching , replacing the text search to find products online by shoppers , is an opportunity for retailer to help them tackle the problem of discovery while building new experience .

Award Winning App Development : Pune And Beyond

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Since 2008 , Winklix team is dedicated on redefining the  app development possibilities  . In a city of endless possibilities and IT hub , our team recognises that it’s not only about completion of project , but to provide you combination of functionality , rock awesome design and innovation . We ultimately want you to have an app that user will love will love to use and keep in their phone . At Winklix , our iPhone and Android app developers take crazy ideas and build it into awesome app that user will love .

What is Winklix ?

Winklix is mobile app design and development company  that created app which will be featured on the app stores . We are always desirous of developing an app for entrepreneur and startups clients . We have a in-house team who can give you full range customisable solution on the basis of your requirement  .

Our clean professional apps , which has been tested 1000 times before launching on stores will definitely be used by users in everyday life . Gaadiweb , Track-my-invoices and Gadget Protection are some of the apps that are climbing to the top of the app stores . Even if you bring a basic idea to us , we will make it delicious by adding some species to it .

It’s what we do .

Magar-patta City : Pune

Pune is the 6th location , in addition to our offices in Delhi , Mumbai , Noida , London and New York .Pune is hub for entrepreneur in the city of technology . If anything , the Pune culture is more conductive to visionary app development . In a century where everyone wants to grab a app for their business , Pune is all about startups as a  startup ourself , so are we .

We will help you to avoid any pitfalls , track your success and deliver you the best application , thus at the same time saving money in process .We want to see your idea’s succeed , and we are ready to fight with fork and spoon for you .

App continues to explode as an industry

App Industry was born in late 2008 , when 2 main market leaders has began to take first step in app market .App store and Google play ( Formerly android market ) . Both Android and iOS market reaches one billion downloads with two years of launching . In present world , mobile apps are essential part of our everyday life , we can’t live without an smartphones .

Android has a bigger market than Apple in terms of size due to its cheap availability and open platform . But in case we are comparing it in revenue terms , play store will not be able to catch up  Apple’s app store until 2018 . Apple might be the money maker right now , but future is unpredictable  , and everything can change . Anyways lets hope for the best . Both the markets have their own users , so we suggest you to go for both the market .

The Cost Of App Development

Creating an amazing app requires lots of things , like skilled designers , experienced developer and an innovative team .We are rock awesome company that allows each party to contribute to ongoing refreshment of the product , thus making the delivery of app an unimaginable experience . Cost may depends on clients specific requirement , but what we can offer you is cost effective decision for your project , by giving you brief by our expert business development executive for various expenses and services required . Our first step of development starts with app designing , and development is the next step right after designing . So want to build MVP ? You can have a prototype in your hand in as little as 9-13 weeks .

How Can We Help You ?

So are you crazy for building an app ? Are you ready to explore endless possibilities in app development  ? We are here to challenge you to build the best mobile app possible .Whether you are based in Pune , Mumbai or Delhi , our team is nearby to discuss your ideas .
If you have any unanswered question , or you want to kick start your work , don’t hesitate to get in touch ! Our team is ready to give you next big app .
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