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App Development Company : Noida & Beyond

Winklix is most promising mobile app development company in Noida , India . In the City of endless opportunity and the world's hub for software companies , we have stepped in after spreading our branches at Delhi , Mumbai , Pune , London & USA . We are committed towards delivering the best iPhone and Android app , thus converting your idea into reality . Winklix always tried to deliver rock awesome design together with combination of innovation and technology . Our developers hands are constantly itching to grab some new project and take it as challenging task to complete the one within time frame .

app development company in noida

What is Winklix ?

Winklix is mobile app design and development company that created app which will be featured on the app stores . We are always desirous of developing an app for entrepreneur and startups clients . We have a in-house team who can give you full range customisable solution on the basis of your requirement .

Noida - India

It's really difficult to step into the city which is the know to be the hub of mobile app development companies . Noida is known to be the developmental hub worldwide for its cheap labour cost availability . Usually getting an app delivered required at least $ 5000 or more , but in Noida you can get this all under $ 1000 only , due to lots of startups and SME working over in Noida .
Winklix has step into Noida to find the right talented developers who can deliver the best app to our clients worldwide . We just want your app to be rated with highest user experience and we are ready to fight with spoon and fork for it .
Since we are committed towards delivering the best UI and UX design and most importantly bug free application , we are always welcomed by our clients and their referral sources , so stepping into Noida is an easy task for us .
It is predicted that by 2020 , that apps will be the only dominant factor in peoples live , thus replacing the world wide web . Mobile application is not only your digital world , but your physical world to .
The mobile application is just the beginning of the new era , and even we can't predict what can be discovered in next few years . Well , we have no other alternative except to wait and watch !! .

Why You Should Choose Winklix ?

Winklix has in house team of 70 + developers who are always greedy for eating the breadcrumbs in their mouth . We are committed towards 100 % transparency and on going progress tracking . At the same time we are offering 24 x 7 ticket support and business hour phone and chat support to all our clients for ease of their convenience . Our ticket response time is just 24 hours , so sit relax , generate a ticket after business hour , and tan tana we will be solving your problem without any questions asked .

As soon as you hand over the project to us our process starts as follows :

Step 1 : The very first thing begins with prototyping and wire frame . At this stage we will suggest new and innovative ideas to our clients so that they can step up success in field of mobile app , where lots of app has already been flooded in the market . Once we are done with wireframe , we will be going to our step 2 .

Step 2 : After approval of wireframe and welcoming ideas from clients , we will start the most important part of app , the UI and UX designing process . We always try to make unique design , as the ultimate aim of every business owner is to satisfy the ultimate user . Giving satisfying user experience is our first and foremost priority and that is the reason our apps are featured on app stores .

Step 3 : After designing approval , we start our developmental process . We don't use any easy to gather framework which can create problem for our clients later on . We create the web admin portal on larval platform so that we can customise the admin as per requirement of client and client can take advantage of it .

Step 4 : After development process , we go on for app testing across various devices and will fix the bug arising before pre launch of the application.

Step 5 : Yuppie !! This is the moment when your app will go live across world . And it is the time where our real challenge start . Our app development comes with 1 year free support after delivery . So sit back and relax . We will starting monitoring your app , and will provide you any version upgrade .

So curious of handing over your app development idea to our company , you can contact us right away at +91-8882-31-31-31 or mail us at , and get the best mobile app development company in Noida to work for your app .

So in case you want to start with the next big project , contact us now , .or call us at +91-8882-31-31-31 .

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