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Hire Winklix SalesForce Developers that will help your sales team to win over more deals with automated lead management CRM - SalesForce . The very first thing that Winklix do is to hear your business goals and then put our expertise knowledge in order to ensure you have all tools to drive growth and maximise your ROI .

SalesForce Implementation

Our implementation experts are skilled up by backend industry which helps you to analyse your business process , which aids to install SalesForce CRM as per your customised need which in turn improves workflow , customer service and optimise sales . We are also specialised in installation of Salesforce platforms including Apex , , Lightning Experience and VisualForce .

Dedicated Support

We provide dedicated support for on going platform which includes support and maintenance , that to without any downtime or disruption . Our wide range of services includes data management bug fixation , active monitoring , periodic maintenance and reporting .

SalesForce Customisation

Winklix helps business with choosing the right CRM platform with industry knowledge functionalities and settings that best suits for your business so that you can grab new opportunities , increase sales and can be ahead in competitive advantages .

SalesForce Business Data Migration

We ensure all backup and migration of business data in your local system to your cloud platform . Our developers makes use of Metadata API tools in order to extract and migrate Metadata components from cloud based or traditional system of Salesforce .

Configuration Of Automated Task

Winklix will help you improve overall efficiency of your business by proving customise configuration of your workflows , desired reports , email templates , objects/ fields and more .

Custom Mobile App Development

Our mobile app development team loves developing custom native apps , web apps and other integration services with Salesforce platforms . Custom app development includes AppExchange syncing and integrating with real time data fetch in respect to various task , calendar schedules , contact data and sharing content and more .

Apex Development

Winklix developers are experts in carrying on the development with Apex programming language which in turn helps you out with creating visual force pages , create web services , email services and even complex business process which is even not supported by workflow . Apex also helps in creating and attaching custom logic to other operations as well .

VisualForce Experts

Visualforce allows the developers of Winklix to develop custom user interface and simplifying database operations . Our developers makes use of visualforce to overview pages , develop custom tabs , create dashboard components , addition of menu item and various other thing in mobile app as well as CRM .

SalesForce Integration Services

Usually company needs data integration across different portals in order to access data in more possible ways .Other may also want to integrate with existing application , with the use of API's in salesforce platform . Winklix help you making connection with all third party applications such as accounting system , ERP systems , e-commence platforms and more . We have been serving more than 50 + SalesForce clients in New York , Chicago , London and India

API Integration

Winklix helps integrating API across different platform in a way that allow flow of data sync across various platforms for data accuracy . We also do 3rd party API integration such as Codeship and Jenkins CI which are being used for testing and deployment purposes .


REST API delivers perfect interface for web and mobile application . Real time client applications is made possible with these kind of API and can be customised as per the UI , list view and dependent pick list .


SOAP API facilitates you with creation , updating and deletion of accounts , leads and other custom objects . It also aids in performing searches and maintaining password along with numerous other feature .

Security & Protection

Winklix always helps you out with finding the most cost effective solution in order to integrate SalesForce with other system in compliance such as SAS 70 , SysTrust as well as ISO 27001 certified.

UI / UX Design

We always ensure that your design specification are upto your expectation while playing with UI/UX process , in a way that it increases user efficiency and UX to empower user with better data connectivity .

CTI Integration

Our expert SalesForce developers helps you making connection with any phone system , mobile devices as well as soft phones such as Skype with SalesForce CRM platform . This seamless integration helps your user to route any inbound calls on salesforce fields , VOIP fields and more .

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